Comparable therapies


By Panacea-admin

Nexus is truly not the first procedure to therapeutically target the neck muscle insertion points.

As one example among many, I would like to refer to a book by Greenman who describes this as a soft tissue technique with condylar decompression. An osteopath friend of mine described to me with a smile how many of her patients fell asleep under this treatment, some with their faces blissfully relaxed. It’s not the silliest motivation to go in for phyiotherapy. Some hairdressers used to do it as a little extra when they cut or shaved their hair…

When using the Nexus, quite a few patients describe something similar – they simply fell asleep on it. This is not a problem, you can even spend the whole night on it if necessary, although we do not recommend it. Apart from a brief lack of sensation at the contact points, nothing much happens. The big advantage of the Nexus over physiotherapy/osteopathy is that you don’t need anyone to do it and you don’t have to travel anywhere. And then you can use it at any time. It is usually better to lie on it for 3×5 minutes throughout the day or when needed than for a quarter of an hour at a time.

And no one forbids you to combine the one (nexus) with the other (neck rub), especially if you succeed in convincing your partner to allow you to do so.