This sole helps to balance the load on the knees. Often the two parts of the cartilage surfaces are unequally loaded. If – as is often the case – it is mainly the inner side that has to bear more load, one can support the more even distribution of force by lifting the outer edge of the feet; it is amazing how positively many patients react to this little help. After many experiments we realised that – at least in the beginning – it is not necessary to change the shoes and that a tilt of 5mm is sufficient for the vast majority.

  • Shoe size: 37 – 40 – 43 – 46
  • Material: Polyurethane & leather
  • Made in Germany



Valgus soles product shot



Time and again one is confronted with the fact that a non- ideal use of the joints works well a while, but when the ‘riper years’ approach these things make themselves felt. E.g. our knee- joint undergoes tremendous strain in an unnatural environment, as we don’t have varied surfaces to walk on, but almost everywhere artificially flattened floors. Small asymmetries which we tolerated easily ‘in the wild’ become a problem. Many patients are surprised if they are told that a slightly uneven sole can have a remarkable effect on their knee- pain. Initially we crafted these sole individually, which made them quite pricey. As this test is not always a success our patients were malcontent to have invested 70-80€ insucessfully.

After many cases we learned that a difference of 5mm (!) between the inner & outer rim is enough in 95% of the cases – at least to test it initially. Further fine- tuning is sometimes nice to get an optimal result, but to see if it’s works at all our ‘standard’ sole suffices – and is much cheaper. To simplify things further the soles are big enough to be adapted to the individual width.


This – small – e-commerce site is in line with our idea that good therapeutic tools should be accessible to everyone at a fair price. So we want to make a selection of the products that have proved useful in our daily work available to other therapists, to doctors and directly to their patients. We are not setting up a ‘health supermarket’. Rather we want to make it easier to find where to buy these tools which we believe can help people.

This endeavor has entailed – and we learned this the hard way – more work and effort than we could ever have imagined. We thought that through the internet it would be easy and the paperwork would be light. It was not so, but we have not made it all the same. We can share lower costs with you.

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