About us

We would all like to have a Panacea – a panacea – but we are well aware that this is beyond our means. So the name is rather an ironic allusion to the fact that we want to contribute something to achieving our balance. And it is not uncommon for small fry to make a mess.

Health and well-being not as something fixed, but as something to strive for, something flexible. The things we use every day play a big role here; we are seldom aware of this significance. Bad posture at work, tension in the neck do not have an effect the next day. Often we hear, when prescribing e.g. shoe adjustment, “a few millimetres won’t make any difference!” – And then the same patients are amazed when they report the success of this small measure a few weeks later.

Just as with orthopaedic problems the main pain is by no means always where its cause is to be found, with these treatment suggestions there is no quick&direct link between suggested measure and intended improvement; we always try to justify this in a plausible way. It often pays to think ‘around the corner’.

Actually, we did not want to enter the retail trade; however, our search for other solutions was not very successful (or the things were difficult to find on the internet or too expensive), so that we started – rather with a heavy heart – to distribute these aids. Then, over the years, apart from the Nexus, which was the first reason for our activities, we added a few other things. Partly we do all the distribution, for some things we can limit ourselves to referring you.

Our motto “Helping to function!” is intended to express this; no more and no less.

Miracle medicine
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